Distant EFT - Emotional Freedom Technique - subtle yet powerful

FT and this experience!"

— Mojgan Z, 2019 

If you feel something is holding you back and restricting the flow of positive energy within you, then EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) also referred to as 'tapping' is well worth experiencing. I have personally seen dramatic and life-changing results.

​​Where acupuncture uses needles to tap into the body's meridian points, EFT uses the same principle of connecting to these meridian points tapping with your fingertips. This non-invasive practise is also referred to as a form of cognitive somatic healing, as the mind, body and spirit work in tandem.

​What you can expect:

Prior to your session, you will be invited to set up on Zoom, WhatsApp or Facetime, depending on your preference.

Currently offered online-only, our session will begin with some background information regarding EFT, how it is used, whey we feel it is so effective and the sequence of tapping points we will focus on.

Please click here to view or print TAPPING POINTS.

Then you will be invited to share your thoughts, concerns and feelings, as I quietly attend in a non-judgemental and compassionate space This is followed by a beautiful heart and mind harmonizing meditation which I will guide you through. Other than the relaxing benefits of this meditation, it will also help you to feel more in touch with your feelings, more balanced and grounded. 


Be it a recent or past heartbreak, trauma, negative self-talk, lack of self-worth, addiction, insomnia, perfectionism, a secret kept, anger, disappointment, procrastination, phobias, grief, chronic pain, loneliness, confusion... tapping can help you to release and move past these painful emotions.


Once you can identify the disruptions that are causing you discomfort or pain, EFT intends to gently remove the blockages so that you can move forward with relief and release.

The combination of tapping on a sequence of meridian points with spoken-word affirmations assists in allowing these thoughts, beliefs, and feelings to be released. But the healing will not stop there. There is a sense of comfort and support as you can look more objectively at where you have come from and how you can move forward.

EFT is easy for you to learn and easy to incorporate into your routine with long-lasting benefits - Let me teach you. 

​Please visit my testimonial page to see what others are saying.

For a combination EFT and Energy Healing Session (90 minutes) please click here to learn more. This is a beautiful way to make a powerful shift in one session.

Compassionate pricing is always available so please enquire if this price is not within your budget.

65 minute session -  $100.00       

Package of  three 65 minute  sessions - $270.00

Plus HST

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"Thank you for yestarday's (remote) session. You have a gift and we are lucky you share it.

I felt a lot was released and now stronger about what I need to do next. More peaceful, thanks to you."

-  Kate Cantwell  2020

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