Distant EFT Tapping

                emotional freedom techniques

How do you stop thinking and feeling the same old things that keep your emotional wheels spinning? Could you be holding onto some thoughts, beliefs, memories, or experiences that are literally stuck in your body's energy field. Sometimes our subconcious wants to hold onto these things just because they are familiar and part of our current or past story. In Western Medicine we don't think as much about the whole body and how healing really can start at a much deeper level.  Let me help you release the burden of energies that no longer serve your highest good. Let me help you make a lifelong shift to heal your heart for a more calm and balanced way of being.

EFT Tapping is a form of energy psychology that has proven to be a powerful catalyst for positive change and is often compared to acupuncture without the needles. But that is just one half of the explanation. This cognitive, somatic therapy, originally named  Emotional Freedom Techniques by founder Gary Craig,  also engages in the form of talk therapy. The combination then of  tapping to reduce the"fight or flight" stress response in our body, while working through your issues in a safe and calm enviornment, provides you with release of the emotional charge connected to your issues. Then you are able to see from anew perspective with a new and enlightened feeling.  Simpley put, we are replacing the negative enegy in your body, with positivity and support that most often will raise your vibration for lasting effect.  The results truly can be liberating.

I highly recommend this therapy for teens as well as adults of all ages.

Issues we can look at together

  • suffering from a heart-break, disappointment, sadness

  • feeling unworthy or not good enough

  • challenged by deep-rooted fears or beliefs

  • self-sabotaging behaviour, self doubt

  • relationships

  • issues around trust

  • addictions to food 

  • anxiety, stress, physical pain, chronic health issues

  • fears and phobias (animals, flying, public speaking,etc.)

  • recent or past traumas

  • parenting challenges, disconnects, burnout

  • difficulty speaking your truth

  • feelings of frustration and inability to move forward

  • lack of motivation, compulsive procrastination

  • obstacles around employment, motivation

  • overwhelming angershame, jealousy, resentment

  • fear of being alone, fear of isolation, loneliness

  • COVID anxiety  

What you can expect

Sessions are offered virtually on WhatsApp or FaceTime.  

Our session begins with a brief overview of the process and will typically include a guided meditation to help you relax before engaging in the EFT Tapping. I will connect with you on an intuitive level as you share your thoughts, feelings and concerns and will guide you in using EFT Tapping to help you achieve your goals. Once you have experienced this simple yet transformative process, it is something you can learn to use on your own when anxious, stressed or dealing with difficult emotions.

Towards the end of the session, if interested, you will have an opportunity to receive an oracle card reading which can provide you with further insight and healing.  I offer a non-judgemental and safe environment in which to share.

One session will definitely help you to make a shift but to fully benefit I do suggest between three and five sessions.

 Results have proven to be dramatic and profound.

Results you may experience

  • having a sense of purpose

  • feeling deserving, worthy

  • moving on from heartbreak

  • relief from pain, stress, anxiety

  • trusting your inner voice, clearer communication

  • overcoming fears or phobias

  • creating healthier routines, healthier choices

  • relief from chronic physical issues

  • ability to achieve your goals

  • ability to release, forgive and move on

  • recognizing and embracing your authentic self

  • shifts in the way you treat yourself and others

  • overall more grounded with positive energy and vitality



EFT Tapping

One session

60 minutes - $115 plus hst

Package of three

60 minutes - $320 plus hst

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Important Medical Disclaimer

Please do not consider any of the services or products that are offered on this site as a replacement for traditional medical advice or treatment. I  cannot diagnose, nor do I claim to have the ability to cure any disease or ailment.

Therefore I ask that you please consult with a medical professional physician or therapist if you have any medical concerns at all.


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