Distant Reiki & Intuitive Energy Healing - uplifting, magical, profound 


During this session, you will be treated to a combination of Distant Reiki and Intuitive Energy Healing.

Working with Universal Life Force Energy (know in Japanese as Rei Ki) from practitioner to client, there is a sense of calm and relaxation. 

What you can expect:

I will invite you in advance to set up on Zoom, WhatsApp or Facetime, depending on your preference.

The first part of our session will be your opportunity to share any concerns or issues that you may have. As we work on the mind/body/spirit connection, anything and everything is open for discussion.  Then you will be guided through a heart-centred meditation to help with grounding and relaxation.

Following the meditation, you will be asked to make yourself comfortable either sitting or lying down, we will disconnect our video, leaving you with only the sound of carefully curated music, so that you are able to enjoy this relaxing experience.  It is during this time that I will channel energy to the client. After 40 minutes or so, we will reconnect virtually and you will have an opportunity as well, to share any sensations, thoughts or questions that may have come to the surface so we can look deeper at their meaning. 


To some, the entire process may appear to be quite subtle, but this form of healing offers an opportunity to work on and through your energy physical, emotional and spiritual body.

It is recommended that for 24 hours after the session, you drink more water than you might otherwise, and get lots of rest.

Some of the results that my clients have reported include but are not limited to the following: A sense of calm and relaxation, a feeling of balance, relief as though a weight has been lifted, feeling much lighter, diminished pain, reduction of other physical ailments, relief from migraine headaches, better sleep, improved quality of life, increased energy, reduction or elimination of anxiety, release of sadness, anger or tension, a more positive shift in attitude, improved self-image, more clarity, increased confidence, emotional balance an improved sense of overall well-being.


In these difficult times, it is very important for us to keep our vibration and spirits high. Eating properly, sleeping soundly, enjoying nature, exercising, staying connected to the community and daily meditation practice are other ways to accomplish optimal health.  I urge you to be aware of and to engage in these activities as part of your daily routine.

If you would like to consider a 90-minute combination session of Energy Healing and EFT, please click here for more information.

I am always flexible and offer compassionate pricing. If someone cannot afford a session at the standard price just let me know.

To see what some of my clients are saying please visit my 'Testimonials' page.

1 hr session -  $100.00       

Package of  three 1 hr sessions - $260.00

Plus HST

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"A welcoming, transformative experience!

After my  Reiki sessions with Deenah I feel more relaxed and in tune with myself, than ever before. I am grateful to work with someone who has a genuine passion and gift for healing and helping others. 

 I am excited to continue my Reiki journey with Deenah !"

   Jocelyn M., January 2019

Important Medical Disclaimer

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 if you have any medical concerns at all.


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