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I am excited to introduce you to an amazing new nanotechnology patch which harnesses

the energy of light and is complementary to the services that I offer on this site.

LifeWave's founder and inventor, David Schmidt, has created a series of patches,

the size of a quarter, based on the resonance of light's vibration within the body's energy system.

When placing these patches on traditional acupressure points, 

the body responds favourably to assist in providing energy, relief and comfort.

There are no medicinal ingredients.  Just patch and go!

For the full spectrum of products, testimonials and scientific findings,

please visit my LifeWave site here.

Important Medical Disclaimer

Please do not consider any of the services or products that are offered on this site as a replacement for traditional medical advice or treatment. I  cannot diagnose, nor do I claim to have the ability to cure any disease or ailment.

Therefore I ask that you please consult with a medical professional physician or therapist if you have any medical concerns at all.


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