Reiki Master/Teacher

Intuitive Energy Healer,

EFT Tapping Guide

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Deenah Dunkelman Mollin

Heart-Centred Healing

"I highly recommend having at least a couple of sessions ( minimum) with Deenah. First off, from first-hand experience, doing this over the phone, I am blown away by what Deenah was able to unearth for me regarding an issue that came up during the initial tapping sequence!

Then, lying down, I felt like my whole body was being recalibrated and at one point I started to shake! I can attest that there was a lot to clear and clear it she did. Deenah is a compassionate, intelligent and hyper skilled master healer who is also very humble.  I am honoured to give this testimonial."

- Colette Baron-Reid, Bestselling Hay House author, oracle expert

and host of the tv show 'Messages from Spirit'.

Important Medical Disclaimer

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