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Distant Intuitive Energy Healing 

                              uplifting, magical, profound 

As a Reiki master and intuitive energy healer, I am accustomed to

working both in-person and remotely. When COVID-19 struck, 

my practice transitioned naturally to the virtual format.  I am grateful

to say that the results have been nothing short of amazing for me and

many of my clients. All at a time when we needed it the most.

During this session, you will be treated to a combination of

Distant Reiki and Distant Intuitive Energy Healing that will leave you

with a sense of calm and grounding. Some find this to be very uplifting and

relaxing, while others are amazed at how profound and moving a session can be.

I invite you to experience the magic. 

​What you can expect


Sessions are offered virtually on WhatsApp or Zoom

Each session will begin with ample opportunity to share any concerns or issues that you may have. Maybe you are holding onto deep-rooted fears or beliefs, or possibly there has been trauma in your life, you can't sleep, or you are wondering what your true purpose is in this lifetime. Maybe you are in pain or suffering from other chronic symptoms. Everything and anything is open for discussion as we work on the emotional, mental, physical and spiritual, aspects of you. After discussion, I will guide you in a grounding and harmonizing heart-centred meditation, followed by a session integrating some of the following practices:


  • Reiki - An ancient Tibetan/Japanese healing method that enables the practitioner to channel universal life-force energy to resonate within the body for healing and relaxation.

  • Intuitive Energy Healing - Allowing intuition to guide me both during our talk and while reading your energy fields, the focus will be on transmitting healing energy where it is needed.

  • Dowsing - Utilizing pendulums to identify specific areas of the body that may be calling out for clearing or an infusion of positive energy, this part of the session is divinely guided.  

  • Sound Healing - Using prerecorded music during the session, I often add Tibetan Bowls, Rain Sticks, and/or an Ocean Drum and allow the sounds to resonate within and around the body.

  • EFT Tapping - A cognitive, somatic therapy, employing affirmations and gentle tapping on meridian points along the face and upper torso. Sometimes offered to aid in releasing emotional blockages and deeply-rooted self-limiting beliefs.

  • Oracle Message - If you wish, consulting with the Ancient  Runes, or Oracle Cards, we can make time for a personal message at the end of each session.

Results you may experience 

  • a sense of calm, relaxation, and emotional balance

  • feeling lighter, a sense of relief, as though a weight has been lifted

  • diminishment or elimination of pain

  • relief from other physical and sometimes chronic ailments

  • a newfound feeling of confidence

  • relief from migraine headaches

  • better sleep

  • decrease in food cravings

  • increased energy and improved outlook

  • reduction or elimination of anxiety or stress

  • release of sadness, anger, or tension

  • a positive shift in attitude

  • improved self-image

  • more clarity

  • the feeling of physical and emotional balance

  • an improved sense of overall well-being




Intuitive Healing Session
One session - 60 minutes - $125 plus HST
Package of three - 60 minutes - $340 plus HST

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