Inner Wisdom Cards Workshop

Tune into your intuition

Learning to listen to the language of your soul and trusting your inner wisdom will be the focus of creating your own Inner Wisdom Cards. Take this opportunity to peek behind the veil of your conscious mind and tap into your inner knowing.This is such a valuable tool to guide you as you navigate through the twists and turns of life. Learning that you can trust your intuition is a precious gift that will help you to stay in alignment with your authentic self. Let the magic begin

The Creative Process

  • Now everyone is an artist with scissors, card stock, 100s of, images and glue

  • Guided meditation connecting to all that is and all that can be

  • Spontaneous selection of images that speak to you either ones that I have sent you or ones you pull from magazines that you have)

  • Much like creating a vision board, each mini collage on card will start to tell a story and in time you can  have your own oracle deck

  • Uncover answers to your inner longings and dreams

  • Once a few to several cards are completed, its fascinating to discover the messages that seem to unfold before your eyes.

Community, Enlightenment, Reflection

  • There will be time to review, interpret and reflect on what is presented

  • Sharing your insights and intuitive perspective with the group will give you the opportunity to interpret not only for yourself, but for fellow participants as well


Inner Wisdom Introduction

January 2021 TBA

$49.00 - 3 hours

includes all materials and shipping

(Scissors,glue, card stock, journal

and a generous selection of images for collaging



Learn to Dowse 101 Workshop

Using a pendulum to connect with your higher self

Dowsing has long been a mystery to cultures around the world. Through the centuries dowsers have been feared as much as they have been revered. Whether you are looking for a lost ring, wanting to check in on whether a house is right for you, or which foods will support your body right now, your pendulum can be a trusted advisor. 

What you will learn

  • History of dowsing

  • Tools and the energy we share with them

  • Cleansing your pendulum

  • How to prepare yourself

  • How to hold the pendulum and finding your wave length

  • Learning to ask for a simple Yes or No answer

  • The body and muscle testing

  • Learning how to phrase more complex questions

  • The seek and find method

  • Ethics of any and all healing modalities

  • Other uses of your pendulum and the scientific connections




Dowsing 101

January 2021 Date TBA

2 hours

$80.00 includes workshop and pendulum

$50.00 includes workshop only using your own pendulum




Reiki certification classes

Reiki classes Level One and Two, will resume as soon as COVID protocol allows. I offer only in person, hands on learning, in small groups over two different weekends.

Reiki, an ancient Tibetan energy healing modality, was rediscovered in Kyoto, Japan, about 85 years ago by Dr. Mikao Usui who trained the first modern-day teachers at his Usui Reiki school in Tokyo, Japan. Many who have been practioners for 20 years or more,  can still trace the lineage of our teachers directly back to Dr. Usui.  Learning Reiki can open you up to the power of energy healing and begin to illuminate your path towards a more intuitive and enlightened sense of well-being.

  • Basic precepts, protocol and ideals of Reiki

  • Ethics of Reiki or any healing practice

  • The science as we know it today

  • History of Usui and other conemporary Reiki modalities

  • Your meditation practice and how to get started

  • Protocol when working on friends, family, clients

  • Hand placement for self treatments and for treatment of others

  • In-class practice time and feedback

  • Reiki attunements will be performed individually for each level

  • Learning the Reiki symbols and how to use them 

  • Distant Reiki practices

  • Grounding, clearing, preparing for a session

  • The what, where and why about Chakras and how to balance them

  • How to keep yourself grounded

  • Certification process

There are Reiki Share opportunities available to all my

students, past and present, at least once a month. Currently these are being conducted

online via Zoom. Please reach out to me if you are interested in joining us at any time.


What you will learn


Reiki Level One and Two Training

Spring  2021 Date TBA

Level One - 

Level Two -