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EFT Tapping
One session
60 minutes - $125 plus hst
Package of three
60 minutes - $350 plus hst

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Distant EFT Tapping

                emotional freedom techniques

How do you stop thinking and feeling the same old things that keep your emotional wheels spinning?

Could you be holding onto thoughts, beliefs, memories, or experiences that are literally stuck in your body's energy field?

Sometimes we are subconsciously afraid to let go because we don't want to revisit the pain,

don't know how to let go, or are just so used to our "story" that we don't feel the need to let it go.

In western medicine, we tend to pay very little attention to the mind, body, and spirit connection.

We are often unaware of the impact that negative emotions can have on our very existence.

With the help of EFT Tapping, you are presented with an opportunity, 

to shift to a healthier state of well-being. Why not give it a try?

What you can expect

Sessions are offered virtually either on Zoom or WhatsApp, 

We will begin with an overview of what EFT Tapping is, the protocol and procedures, and how

you can use it in your day-to-day life.

This is followed by a brief meditation and an optional oracle reading.

Exactly what is EFT Tapping? There are two very distinct parts to the process and they work in perfect harmony.

Therefore we see this as cognitive somatic therapy. The energy psychology and cognitive aspects take the form of talk therapy.

Often likened to the peeling of an onion, layers are gently removed to reveal core issues that are yearning to be released. 

In tandem, we add to this the powerful somatic aspect of tapping with your fingers, through a series of identified acupressure points on the upper torso. A stressful, "fight or flight"  response would typically arise when one is talking about something difficult or painful. But with tapping on specific meridians and saying positive affirmations, you actually remove the "charge" and give your body a chance to feel a sense of calm, safety, acceptance, and unconditional love. The results can be very powerful.


We know that EFT can be an effective therapy for the following issues and much more:

  • heart-break, disappointment, sadness

  • recent or past traumafears, and phobias 

  • lack of confidence, lack of entitlement, lack of self-esteem  

  • self-sabotaging behaviors including procrastination, underachieving

  • repetitive dysfunctional relationships

  • lack of trust, lack of communication, lack of authenticity

  • diet, body image, or weight loss

  • chronic pain or physical ailments

  • parental challenges

  • stress, lack of sleep, anxiety

  • COVID angst

 Once you have experienced this transformative process. you can learn to use it on your own at any time.

 Please visit this link for the tapping points.

Results you may experience

  • a sense of purpose

  • self-empowerment and self-love

  • relief from stress and anxiety and pain

  • ability to let go of and "heal" past trauma

  • a more open heart

  • the diminishment or end to recent or chronic pain

  • discovery of your authentic voice

  • an ability to overcome fears and phobias

  • better sleep, better attitude, better quality of life

  • embodying a more positive outlook and attitude

  • increased energy and productivity

  • more fulfilling relationships 

  • ability to release, forgive and move on from old patterns and limiting beliefs

  • shifts in the way you see and treat yourself and others

  • empowerment through experiencing  unconditional love and compassion



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