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Have you heard of Tapping? EFT? Emotional Freedom Technique? They are all one in the same.

Want to know if you might benefit from incorporating this into an energy healing session?


 If you feel something is holding you back and restricting the flow of positive energy within you, then EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) also referred to as 'tapping' is well worth experiencing. I have personally seen dramatic and tremendously positive, life-changing results.​ Where acupuncture uses needles to tap into the body's meridian points, and Shiatzu uses pressure,  EFT uses the same principle of connecting to these meridian points tapping with your fingertips mostly on your head, hands and upper torso. Obviously as this is remote (although same applies to in person sessions) the tapping is done by the client. This totally non-invasive practice is also referred to as cognitive somatic energy work, addressing the mind, body and sprit in tandem.

Be it a recent or past heartbreak, trauma, negative self talk, lack of  self worth, addiction, insomnia, perfectionism, a secret kept, anger, disappointment, procrastination, phobias, grief, chronic pain, loneliness, confusion... tapping can help you to release and move past these painful emotions.

Maybe something seems to be holding you back from all that you could be. Or maybe there is a thought or memory or phobia that you just can't seem to shake. During the EFT portion of an intuitive healing session you are invited to share anything you want to work on. At this point, I will quietly and intuitively attend and listen, providing a non-judgmental and compassionate space for you to express your thoughts and feelings.


Once you are able to identify the disruptions that are causing you discomfort or pain, the intention of EFT is to gently remove the blockages so that you can move forward with relief and release. The combination of tapping on a sequence of meridian points with spoken word affirmations, assists in allowing these thoughts, beliefs, and feelings to be neutralized and released.

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