Preparing for your  distant Intuitive Energy Healing session. 

  • how exciting to be joining me on this road to self-discovery, through emotional and physical healing

  • we will connect via Zoom with audio and video for the first part of the session

  • please arrange to be sitting in a quiet, comfortable spot 

  • ideally somewhere that you can recline or even lie down during the energy healing portion of your session

  • if you have a natural candle or aromatherapy to enjoy, please make use of that

  • have a tall glass of water or a cup of herbal tea by your side 

  • it's helpful to set an intention before your session as we know that energy flows where attention goes

  • these are some examples of what setting an intention may look like for you:

I trust and have faith in my body's innate ability to heal

I am open and receptive the power of the universe to provide me with all that I need

May I be willing to release anything that no longer serves my highest good with love and blessings

Love, Light and Blessings


Important Medical Disclaimer

Please do not consider any of the services or products that are offered on this site as a replacement for traditional medical advice or treatment. I  cannot diagnose, nor do I claim to have the ability to cure any disease or ailment.

Therefore I ask that you please consult with a medical professional physician or therapist if you have any medical concerns at all.

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