Distant Reiki and Intuitive Energy Healing. 

As a Reiki master/teacher and intuitive energy healer I am accustomed to working both in-person and remotely.

When COVID-19 struck, my practice transitioned naturally to the virtual format.  I am grateful to say that the results have been nothing short of amazing for me and many of my clients. All at a time when we needed it the most.

Reiki, an ancient Tibetan healing modality, was rediscovered in Kyoto, Japan, about 80 years ago by Dr. Mikao Usui who trained the first modern-day teachers at his Reiki school in Tokyo, Japan. Many of us who have been practising for 20 years or more,  can trace the lineage of our teachers back just a few generations to his first students. Once Reiki opened my eyes to healing with energy, other alternative healing modalities began to present themselves. Through the study of Intuitive Healing, II learned to integrate the vibration of colour, sound, and intention, into my work as well. 

Now I am able to feel, channel, balance and shift energy within and around the body. Much of my work is done in the auric fields and is concentrated on heart healing which I believe is essential to the well being of body/mind and spirit. 

Some of the results that my clients have shared: A sense of calm and relaxation, a feeling of balance, relief as though a weight has been lifted, feeling much lighter, diminished pain, reduction of other physical ailments, relief from migraine headaches, better sleep, improved quality of life, increased energy, reduction or elimination of anxiety, release of sadness, anger or tension, a more positive shift in attitude, improved self-image, more clarity, increased confidence, emotional balance an improved sense of overall well-being.


Important Medical Disclaimer

Please do not consider any of the services offered on this site as a replacement for traditional  medical advice or treatment. I  cannot diagnose nor do I claim to have the ability to cure any disease or ailment. Therefore I ask that you consult with a medical professional physician or therapist

 if you have any medical concerns at all.


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