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Combination of Reiki/Energy Healing & EFT Tapping

 heart-centred, uplifting, magical, profound 

Combining modalities of Reiki, intuitive energy healing, an oracle's message and often  EFT Tapping, in a 90-minute session.


What you can expect:

Prior to your session, you will be invited to set up on Zoom, WhatsApp or Facetime, depending on your preference.

We always begin with a heart-centred guided meditation and conversation in which you will have the opportunity to share any physical and/or emotional issues or concerns in a safe and non-judgmental space.  Each session will be customized, according to your apparent needs and requests. This may include a portion of the session dedicated to  EFT Tapping, which is a highly effective way of releasing emotional issues, fears or trauma. (Please visit here for more about EFT).  

Then you will be asked to make yourself comfortable either sitting or lying down with video turned off for the Reiki/Energy healing portion of the session. Working remotely I will begin connecting to the beneficial energy of the universal life force with only positive intentions in my client's highest good. (Please visit here for more about Reiki/ Intuitive Energy Healing)

We will close the session with the opportunity to share any sensations, thoughts or questions that may have come to the surface for you and any messages or further suggestions I may have to offer.


The entire process can feel quite subtle although the effects have been described by my clients as "Profound", "Magical", "Transformative". Please visit the 'Testimonial pages to see what some of my clients have generously shared.

 90 minute session - $120.00       

package of three 90 minute sessions - $320.00

plus HST             

to book or for more information - please click here

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